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Ask the Experts

Each situation is different and usually requires one of our highly-qualified staff to help choose the correct part for your specific needs. We encourage you to call us to speak with us to help find the correct item to match your requirements. Please call us using the number above, or click on the image to send us a quick email of what you are looking for.

Hoses & Fittings

Here are a few samples of the variety of items we provide.


Pumpflex II Jumper hose

The primary application of Pumpflex II Jumper hose is the dual low hose dispenser converted to Stage II vapor recovery external liquid line connection.
Cobra Fuel Oil Delivery hose

Cobra Fuel Oil Delivery hose is designed for the delivery and transfer of fuels, oils, commercial gasoline, diesel, kerosene and related petroleum-based products.
multipurpose hose

This hose is an excellent multipurpose hose which is designed for use in fuel transfer applications, such as filler neck, where aromatic fuel resistance is required.
Non-Conductive hose

This premium quality, Non-Conductive hose is high in oil resistance throughout. Its fuel line quality will convey oil, fuel oil, diesel, kerosene and other petroleum derived products.
Cam Lock Fittings

Cam Lock Fittings